What Makes A Dental Website Work?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for dentists is a hot topic in dental website marketing. While being high on the search engines has its advantages, it is not much different than being the first ad in the yellow pages many years ago.

With a HIGH SEO RANKING for your dental website, you will get more window shoppers, but not necessarily very many patients or at least those who will understand and appreciate--in timely manner--the value you will present them.

Rather than merely cranking up the number of "scanning eyeballs" also make sure you are moving towards an integrated and patient attracting dental marketing strategy.

Here the main elements you need to be successful dentist online:

1) Present your best "real people" smile makeover photos or videos not dental cases alone.

2) Have testimonials of dentistry patients saying many different things about their experience, their dentist and their new confidence.

3) Present various elements that include the dentist (you) with patients, about who the dentist is in real life, and other elements such as dental pr (dentist on TV video, etc.)

See What Arthur Freedman - Hartford CT Area Cosmetic Smile Makeover Dentist Says.

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