Effective Dental Patient Scheduling: Part 2 of 3

This is part TWO of a THREE part series on dental patient communication.

Topics Covered in Part Two...
  • The "Fully Prepared" Prospective Dental Patient
  • The "Unprepared" Prospective Dental Patient
The following descriptions are not absolute, but are guideposts for moving the dental patient in the best direction possible during that initial telephone inquiry. While these concepts are focused on high-end cosmetic/esthetic dentistry and reconstructive care with dental implants, they can be augmented for any type of dental brand and niche.

The "Fully Prepared" Prospective Dental Patient
The more of these qualifiers they have or bring up, the better prepared they are.
• Have reviewed your dental Website
• Have seen your dental postcards or advertisements
• Specifically ask for a smile makeover consultation
• Ask about specific high-end services like dental implants, Invisalign orthodontics, sedation dentistry, porcelain veneers, Lumineers…
• Bring up complex dental language (“I think I need full mouth reconstruction.)
• Identify you as a specialist, expert, the best dentist on the Internet (“I really researched you. I don’t see anyone else that compares.”)
• Have been to other dentists and don’t like what they did or recommended
• Are out of Area/State callers
• Are referred by your other smile makeover patients

The "Unprepared" Prospective Dental Patient
These callers are looking for “a” dentist. They are more than likely “Yellow Pages” patients: literally or figuratively. Meaning they called a number that just happened to be associated with Dr. Dentist Of Dentistry and dentistry of some kind. They are not focused on dental expertise; they merely want a tooth problem fixed.

Sending, or directing them to, more info before their first dental visit or smile consultation is vital.

Following are issues that denote a low level appreciation for and/or understanding of comprehensive dental rejuvenation. Your dental office front desk person should listen for…
• The patient has a toothache (with few other details provided)
• They want an appointment fast, emergency dental care
• Dental Insurance is a big issue (They won’t let you focus on expertise or value)
• The patient wants to know about cost – most everything comes back to how much Dr. Dentist Of Dentistry charges
• A teeth cleaning appointment is their fist concern
• They called about your discounted coupon, free whitening, half price exam…

Part 3 of Effective Dental Patient Scheduling Includes these two topics...
  1. The "In Between" Prospective Dental Patient
  2. Dental Patient Communication Conclusion
Read the final installment of this Dental Marketing in the May 2, 2009 Blog Post.

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