Building a New Dental Office?

The pitfalls of building a new dental practice can multiply in this kind of economic and business environment. Therefore, it makes sense to get an expert involved to eliminate all the common, and not so common, trial and error mistakes. 

Of course, determining the right expert to handle the development of your dream practice can be another challenge. 

Be sure the company, contractor, group or individual you select to develop your new office is working as much as possible in your interest. Plus the firm should be very familiar with the dental industry and the specific needs of dentists who are often sole proprietors. 

My understanding of the ins and outs of finding, buying, leasing, or constructing a dental practice is fairly limited, but it seems to come down to three main areas: financing, design efficiencies, and project containment

The dentist's positive outlook first envisioned can quickly deteriorate if the wrong location is chosen, he/she takes on too much of the project, or an element (like architectural design) is finalized too early in the process. Dentistry offices that are designed with little understanding of advanced equipment needs and dentist production realities make the servicing of debt even more difficult as well as being less healthy for the patient and the dentist. 

Project containment (my term) is making sure all the elements of office construction -- from local permits to the completion date -- are effectively managed.  Too many dental offices are developed without a good handle on all THREE of these areas. To avoid having your Grand Opening date blown out of the water, consider a firm with expertise in all aspects of developing a dentist's dream office.

One firm you should consider is Ymker Building. The firm has designed, built, coordinated, and/or helped finance many family, general, and restorative/cosmetic dental and specialist practices around the country. They coordinate, develop or supervise most everything.  Whether you are starting out or want to take your current practice to the next level, Ymker Building can get you moving in the right direction.

I have met with Micah Taintor of Ymker and discussed his firm's capabilities. The way Ymker is structured is very intriguing. Review their website, NewDentalOffice.com and Micah's LinkedIn profile. Read about what their dentist clients have said. Then call Micah.

Successfully build your dream dental practice by working with a firm that knows how to avoid the nightmares that do-it-yourself (general contracting) misadventures can spawn.

Sincerely, Dick Chwalek 
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