Michigan Dentist Completes Fellowship Program in Dental Implants

Dental implants save smiles, transform health and rejuvenate lives.

Once you realize how many people loose their teeth by the age of 65 in this country and you quickly understand the value of this service.

I have worked with dental laboratories and implant dentists for over almost 14 years. It still amazes me how many people just don't know about or appreciate what implant dentistry can do for people who have lost teeth, which occurs very often because of untreated gum disease.

Something like 50% of adults 20 and over - who are not considered in poverty have gingival bleeding (HHS Dental Health Data). Bleeding gums are an early sign of periodontal disease, the leading cause of tooth loss in adults.

When this tooth ravager has had its run of your mouth for more than a few years, the teeth start to loosen and the jaw bone turns to mush. Dental Implants offer the only way back out of this devastating predicament.

Just read a few stories about dental implant patients and then look into the science of this treatment. Then when a dentist says it will cost a couple thousand dollars or so to replace a tooth, rather than balk at the high fee - think about what it will cost you to say good bye to your ability to chew as well as watch in high def your jaw recede farther back than your hairline.

It might bite when your dental bill knocks your saving account for a loop, but think about how no bite is is much worse...

Remember, there is very little need to spend all your health care dollars on Bob Dole's E-D remedy when gumming your food during the next candlelight dinner once again graphically diminishes that see Alice moment.

Also no good reason to plunk down all the green for Joan Rivers' plastic surgery when spitting your dentures into your girl friend's handbag occurs every time a handsome dude across the room winks at you.

NOTE: Of course, if someone has a phobia of toothpicks, it's obvious this blog is mostly barking up the wrong tree about the need for teeth. Inversely that would mean a good bite is worse than a bark.

That is Why Touting Dentists and their Training is PR EVERY Consumer NEEDS To know about. Public Relations for Public Health awareness. Bringing NEW meaning to the old Dental News adage - if it BLEEDS it LEADS to tooth loss.

Blog entry by Dick Chwalek


Traverse City dentist Dr. Brian Klym recently completed the Misch Implant Institute yearlong Fellowship training program. This comprehensive series of post graduate dental courses is recognized as the implant training gold standard.

Founded in 1984, the world-renowned Misch Institute helps set and elevate the level of implant dentistry using a hands-on training approach. Dentists attend classes on diagnosis, implant case planning and patient evaluation, and all phases of dental implant treatment. Each course includes lectures and hands-on laboratory sessions for both removable and fixed prosthodontics.

Dr. Klym started his implant hands on coursework many years ago, receiving a fellowship from the ICOI in 1998 (International Congress of Oral Implantologist). His patients are receiving an ever higher level of care and his continued implant training will help insure long-term, healthy results for his patients.

Actual Patient Results Achieved With Dr. Klym's Implant Dentistry Training:First, Dr. Klym’s patient M. H. had congenitally missing teeth - central and lateral incisor - left side and front of smile. The teeth were moved with orthodontics to make room for placing dental implants, which were restored with 360 degree porcelain veneers. The patient came in with a partial denture, which she had worn most of her adult life.

This type of denture is called a flipper because of the visual effect it produces. In online examples, Dr. Klym provides photos showing how well the gum tissue healed around the implant site.

Another patient, Tom, discussed his implant care: “About a year and a half ago my tooth broke. While it affected my chewing and eating, what had the most effect was how embarrassed I was about missing a tooth. Essentially, I quit smiling. Since I was going to need an implant, I was also glad Dr. Klym had training in oral sedation dentistry.”

After Treatment, Tom commented, “I can chew and eat just like I could before. Even though having the dental implant (with a natural looking restoration) has increased my confidence a lot, I need to learn to smile again.” His dental implant treatment photos are found on NorthwoodDentalTC.com

Brian P. Klym, DDS, is the owner of Northwood Dental in Traverse City. He has certification from DOCS—an oral conscious sedation program, which means he can provide a high level of comfort to his patients during implant treatment. Visit Dr. Klym’s website to learn more about his background and the comprehensive services he provides.

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