Marketing Consulting: Wrap Your Brain Around Communication

Marketing is communication. Communication makes things work. Nothing happens or changes without a heavy dose of communication. Dental patients, dentists, and dentistry offices all work (or don't) with gears greased with communication and the marketing surrounding it.

Of course the brain is alway there to mess everything up. It falls into stereotypes. Travels down the rabbit hole of wackiness. Leaps across the logic wall.

One of the most influential tidbits of scientific information I have ever learned about how our brain works is its connection with our eyes. Basically, we make things up - because the communication between our eyes and our brain has a tenth of a second delay.

While I am not totally versed on this science (some info and links below) it has significant potential to cause us to think and do many things that are not very likely to produce the results we expect - when it is all said and done (to our wallets in many cases).

Our brains are marketing to us without our knowledge or understanding of its impact in many areas of our life. Dental patients want inexpensive care or someone else to pay for it (insurance companies) and dentists want marketing that is guaranteed, easy to do themselves, or nearly free.

Dental marketing consultants/coaches like myself wish for dentist-clients who understand all of these things and appreciate the complexities of the 'right marketing plan'. While at the same time falling into our own consulting rabbit holes.

My 'one-tenth off the mark' proclivity is the perfect symbiotic communication idea that changes 'consumerkind' and gets me that Nobel Prize for marketing science.

What can be done if we all see, believe and understand things with a different 'eye' for reality? OPEN UP our brains. Make sure what the marketer wants you to believe is actually healthy for your office revenues and personal finances.

Two online stories help illustrate these concepts - see below.

Start locating the fault lines. And, continue to navigate back to an evidence-based reality grounding in what will work rather than following the drivel of simplicity being advertised on the internet.

While my belief system is not completely science based, jumping off ten story buildings without a floatation device has long been something I avoid. My faith has never been about closing my eyes to the reality. Of course, my eyes are not something I will ever totally trust again.

Imagine if you had to rely on someone's eyewitness account to absolve you of some crime or accusation. (An article I Googled) Now think about how you are being influenced by a dental office marketing solution you have been presented. What rabbit hole is closest to their advertising pitch?

Rather than grab the next marketing rabbit that runs by, close your eyes and think about how you could move forward with an ongoing, pragmatic and proactive (not reactive) strategy.

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Tenth of Second Discrepancy Information
> Two Excerpts

"Therefore, the tenth-of- a-second window may be the smallest delay that allows higher areas of the brain to account for the delays created in the first stages of the system while still operating near the border of the present. This window of delay means that awareness is postdictive, incorporating data from a window of time after an event and delivering a retrospective interpretation of what happened."

"But as we begin to understand time as a construction of the brain, as subject to illusion as the sense of color is, we may eventually be able to remove our perceptual biases from the equation. Our physical theories are mostly built on top of our filters for perceiving the world, and time may be the most stubborn filter of all to budge out of the way."

On Point Radio - Believing the Unbelievable

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