NDA Member Says Fiduciary Financial Advisor Protects Against Conflict of Interest

> Fiduciary - It Is Worth A lot!

When does a dentist know when a financial advisor is working in their best interest? Only one of these terms, fiduciary or suitability, reflects the highest level of protection for a dentist's investments.
Fee-only financial advisor and professional wealth building consultant, Rick Epple, CFP® of Epple Financial Advisors, recommends dentists know the difference and understand how to find to the best planner. The responsibility your advisor has to you and your financial interests should be more important than any other entity.

Rick has an independent perspective and believes dentists should develop a relationship with a financial planner that is scrubbed of conflict of interests. He recently found an article about this issue, which also references his focus on making sure dentists get an independent view of how to manage their money and investments and secure their financial future.

One example of his focus on working in your best interest is providing the kind of independent financial education found in the article noted below.

Lead In Article Synopsis: of Nov. 22, 2009 Article...
Paydirt: Financial advisers don't all follow the same rules
  • KARA McGUIRE, Star Tribune
Normally I stay away from financial jargon in these columns. But this column is about financial jargon. With a debate raging in Washington about reforming the regulations governing the financial advice industry to better protect investors, there are some terms you need to understand.
  • The first term is "fiduciary."
  • Then there's the term "suitability"
To read the entire article, click Financial advisers don't all follow the same rules.

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> Rick is also a founder and member of the Northern Dental Alliance (NDA)

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