Effective Dental Patient Scheduling: Part 3 of 3

This is Part 3 of 3: to Read the First Installment - click here.

Topics Covered in Part 3
  • The "In Between" Prospective Dental Patient
  • Dental Patient Communication Conclusion
The "In Between" Prospective Dental Patient
Your dental office is the pond and this caller is fishing without enough bait. They really don’t understand what Dr. Expert Dentist Of Dentistry does differently than every other cosmetic, restorative, or implant dentist, but they want to know more.

Problem is they would be initially shocked by this dentist’s fee structure and comprehensive treatment plans. The key here is guidance not necessarily scheduling them for a dental appointment or smile consultation. Yanking on their line too hard now could just get a hook in someone’s eye or send them to another dental practice’s pond.

Here is what your dental office front desk person should listen for…
• They might have seen Dr. Expert Dentist's ad, some reference or heard from someone about Dr. Expert Dentist, but little has been decided
• Insurance might come up, only because they think they need to mention it (phone answerer shouldn't bring it up)
• Want more info from Dr. Expert Dentist of Dentistry (don’t assume it’s an in-practice consult request – Dr. Expert Dentist email or phone call might work)
• Lots of questions (answer them – explain an initial consult to them – get comprehensive in conversation – etc.)

Dental Patient Communication Conclusion
By identifying the dental patient's preparedness, you are able to deliver right dose of communication so they are not overwhelmed with your treatment recommendations.

Make sure new patients are prepared to accept the level of dental care you present to them. Then prepare yourself to be THE cosmetic dentistry, dental implant, smile makeover expert and generate revenues to match!

Call to get your communication prepared for case acceptance success.

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