Suffer Tooth Pain or Visit Your Local Dentist? That is the Question

We as dental consumers worry about going to the dentist because of the 'pain' it will cause. Then we delay and we have more pain. Then we dental consumers hear the term Root Canal Treatment.

"OMG, that will hurt me even more!"

Sadly, we have been mislead by fear-of-the-unknown know less than nothings and dental Illiterati .

While I would like to introduce you to Dr. Schreiber (new member of Dr. Briglia's Total Confidence Dentistry team) if you are experiencing a toothache, swollen gums or other throbbing pain, make a dental appointment to end the pain and possibly even SAVE your tooth!

I wrote a 'serial tweet' about Josh Hamilton (TX Ranger) with tooth problems - who waited and waited and now needs root canals and other restorative work.

See first entry of Josh serial tweet - below.

So using the money excuse is fine, but most likely it is more about misunderstanding the value of root canal treatment. Josh is a perfect example of how it is not REALLY money - but how much you value and/or know about dentistry's value to your life.

Dentist Emphasizing Root Canal Therapy Teams Up
With West Chester Dental OfficeTo End Toothaches and Keep Smiles Healthy

Dr. Glenn Schreiber has teamed up with Total Confidence Dentistry in West Chester, PA to provide our patients with tremendously important endodontic treatment. His proficiency in Root Canal therapy, clinically known as endodontics, can eliminate pain while preserving natural teeth.

Dr. Schreiber, a general dentist, has focused his extensive experience on developing an approach to root canal therapy that achieves a high level of quality very efficiently and more affordably. By limiting his practice to endodontics, he has been able to develop a proficient and methodical approach to care, which means patients are much less likely to have recurring infection and need another root canal.

His background and knowledge in endodontic treatment is thoroughly documented by the 800-1000 successful and comfortable root canal procedures he performs each year.

There are four key reasons Dr. Schreiber, a general dentist, is able to cost-effectively achieve a high level of quality.

1) Dental Care Diligence: Thoroughly cleaning out canal debris and sealing the tooth root is critical. This attention to detail has a positive tradeoff, which can be lifelong health rejuvenation rather than re-infection and costly and time consuming return visits. Saving the natural tooth with root canal therapy has an extended and expanded level of value.

2) Emphasis On Failure Avoidance: Many more root canal compromised teeth can be treated successfully with the proper approach. To avoid endodontic treatment failure, a focused awareness of the tooth anatomy and a more exacting level of care are required. The likelihood of saving teeth with a root canal is greatly increased when these methods are combined.

3) Ending Chronic Inconvenience: Dr. Schreiber knows getting it right the first time is vital. Poor treatment can cause chronic abscesses, requiring more expensive re-treatment. Another visit could create costly inconvenience for the patient (missing work, etc.). Too many times this means distressing tooth loss as well. Unfortunately, the more expensive, re-treated root canals are also known to be less successful, even with the best approach in the most skillful hands.

4) Scientific, Evidence-Based Treatment: After having treated thousands of teeth, Dr. Schreiber has found that about 80% of first upper molars (teeth #3 and #14) have 4 canals instead of the previously expected 3 canals. Four canals, is now the accepted number in endodontic literature and other journals for these teeth. It is important that dentists look for all four root canals and treat them when appropriate, otherwise, discomfort and re-infection of the tooth can occur.

BACKGROUND ON DOCTORGlenn F. Schreiber, DMD, a general dentist, is a University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine graduate (Class of 1978). He completed additional post-doctoral residency training at the Hospital of University of Pennsylvania in 1981.



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  1. Root canal is highly recommended. For as long as you can save a tooth and prevent extraction, but would like to get rid of the pain, then go for it. It may be a little pricey, but it's worth the money.
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