Video Testimonial: 3 Years of Results = Connective Communication© Approach


TIME to Change. Change

This Niche Dental video demonstrates the value of all the elements of Connective Communication©, especially creating new patients.

The new patient communication video includes a testimonial from a Niche Dental client in Michigan:
  • He talks about his three years, YE$, 3 $OLID YEAR$ of practice revenue growth, which was made possible using the Connective Communication© Approach. 
  • PLUS Oli Gonsalves, a co-consultant, who worked to helped me refine a succinctly powerful campaign that was vital to this success discusses with me the creating new patients element. 
  • Finally, the client ends the short video with an anecdote of how he came to realize the value of this element (direct mail), while I provide other details of 'why' his consistent postcard campaign worked. 

Connective Communication© Approach • ALL THREE Elements 

  • Improving recommendations, acceptance & value appreciation of both internal and external prospects and patients... 
  • Creating new patients: moves your audience to act sooner and/or helps then find the 'right' dentist first, rather than highest on search engines for example... 
  • Gathering all searchers: new patients on the fence, 'already out there at play'... 

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Richard Chwalek, 
Niche Dental President

Dentists, prepare to...
  1. Hand over the reins to consistency and professional depth: then
  2. Watch the revenue-rain gauge fill up; and
  3. Enjoy a reign of ongoing financial success! 
Niche Dental Co-Consultant 
Oli Gonsalves 


Oli can answer many of your questions. 
Then set up a meeting with me - depending on your needs/requests 
Oli also runs The Other Office and ExpressDentalMarketing.com

Direct Mail, Postcards... Create Action

Communication is Health 
Communication is Expertise
Communication is Revenue 

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