Dental Laboratory Implants Solutions: Porcelain to Zirconia Implant Bridge

A past dental laboratory newsletter published by Northern Dental Alliance member Renstrom Dental StudioInc. featured an implant bar overdenture that was designed to replace a patient’s existing lower denture. Although there are many advantages to this prosthesis, another fixed option for the patient might have been a porcelain to zirconia screw retained implant bridge, also known as a PIB.

"This case was a fun case to do. The patient was extremely satisfied with the looks, pronunciation, and occlusion of her new teeth and I am confident that the work is strong and easily retrievable. I am very satisfied with Renstrom (MN lab) and look forward to doing more large cases like this with them." Dr. A Johnson's Dentistry

A full arch zirconia dental bridge is strong, durable, and most esthetic of anything else. The only major disadvantage is the higher cost associated with it, but with zirconia at a fixed price it is still more affordable than dentistry metals.

With this particular dental case, the patient already had six implants supporting a titanium implants bar with a maxillary overdenture. Due to repeat acrylic chipping, she desired a more durable dentistry solution.

The process of laboratory fabricating her PIB dental bridge is shown in the photos below. The turnaround time at the lab for a case such as this is estimated about 3-4 weeks but the dental patient can expect to schedule four or five appointments during this time.

The entire dentistry procedure can take anywhere from two to four months.

When working on dental implants case, Renstrom lab is always happy to assist in determining the best treatment option for your patient!
  1. Patient before with maxillary implant overdenture.
  2. Removal of titanium implant bar and denture.
  3. A verification jig was made from the master cast to assure fit and accuracy of the final prosthesis. The full contour wax-up is sent to the dentist for evaluation.
  4. A cut-back is done and the copy mill substructure is scanned using the NobelProcera Scanner.
  5. The milled zirconia framework is sent to the dentist for patient try-in.
  6. ZirLiner was first applied to the framework and the e.max Ceram porcelains were used for the build up.
  7. The occlusal and lingual surfaces of the posterior restorations/teeth were left non-layered for increased strength.
  8. Completed build up showing the natural contours and pink porcelain used on the gingival areas.
  9. Dental patient after with maxillary PIB.
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