Connective Communication© Marketing, The 3D Difference: Improve, Gather, Create

A THREE Dimensional System

– Freed From Generic, Founded on Value, Focused On Success

  • Reliable, Credible Consistency
  • Four Influential Communication Bedrocks:
  • Exceptional Budgeting: Flexible, Scalable, Accountable

Connective Communication©


  • Relationship began August 2008 with New Logo and Website development.
  • Elements scaled up and phased in at client pace with goals in place.
  • Complete 'Connective' approach achieved June 2009.
  • Improving Results Recorded by February 2009!
  • Average 33+ New Patients Per Month Since at least September 2009.
  • 22+ Months Straight Growth 10%+
  • Starting Mid 2009 - Overthrowing the Downturn!
  • Alone in the Pack - of 500 dentist 'group' – Only dentist with upward sales!
  • June 2010 Best June EVER!

Reliable, Credible Consistency

  • You are a vital part of the success
  • Collaborate on Concept foundation
  • Approve all elements: design/message
  • Updates/Ongoing Element 'pieces'
  • - also approved by you
  • You have Final Say Throughout
  • Otherwise: You let go (it almost runs itself)

Four Influential Communication Bedrocks

  1. Value Rich Website (New or Enhance Current Plus Ongoing Updates)*

  2. Ideal Audience Directed Mailers (Consistency Rather than Volume)*

  3. Optimal Online Strategies (PPC/SEO to Social+)*

  4. Public Multiplier Marketing (X-factor for 1st 3 bedrocks)*
*Each Bedrock can be integrated into your current system - in many cases

Exceptional Budgeting

  • Flexible, Scalable, Accountable
  • Goal: to Build Your 10 foot ladder
  • Determine Goal before begin
  • Figure out initial marketing 'pieces’ within each Element
  • Budget Size May Start Wherever Feasible: except it is vital to...
  • Commit To An Optimal Timeline For Phase in of All Elements

Marketing Budget Structure

  • Management/Consulting may apply--depending on your plan/decision
  • Separate Element Agreements: Usually for Bedrock Elements, M/C and misc
  • Element Pieces may have their own separate agreements as well – achieving more flexibility
  • Terms are yearly in many cases/some shorter
  • Agree to Budget - then proceed
  • Review Patient Data to find 'gems' (practice software generated)
  • Track Activity (results/accountability/refinements) Upgrade, Enhance continually
  • Scale up as needed - with focus on timeline
  • Reasonable Scale Up is in 9-12 Months

Faster Scaling? Yes, Yet...

  • A measured pace has strategic benefits
  • Still Results are very possible sooner!
  • The 'Complete effect' takes time to build:
  • As MORE public/patients move toward a decision and greater value acceptance.

Establish the System, Refine When Needed…

  • Otherwise Let it RIDE!
  • Think: Prototype, fail. Prototype, fail less. Then the success-type emerges.
  • Rather than: Perfection snail. Perfection never nail, so success impale.

Avoid What I call 'Perfection Stretching'

  • Taking the time, and more time, and more time to may make that marketing something better…
  • Meaning 'that marketing something' will never really happen, get done, etc.
  • Rather than Perfection Stretching: Inspire to Require Release of Overseer Wires
  • - Hand over the reins to consistency and professional depth:
    - Then see new patients revenue-rain gauge fill up and enjoy the reign of practice success!


**DENTISTS: I, Dick Chwalek, guarantee Dr. __Your Name__ will only be successful if Dr.__Your Name__ does what is necessary to make it happen.

Trite? Trick? Or TRIPLE Raise the Possibilities?

Like all successes, we must do what works. Not hold back, produce. It is the same for me, you, as well as your patients...
  • Patients that do HALF of what works
  • The result: often be less than HALF
  • Of course, some 'luck out' and others are just satisfied with less.
  • If you want MORE Dr. ___Your Name__= Connective Communication©.
  • It is a Flexible, Scalable, Accountable and Success Positioned System.
While you are NOT locked into a preset/generic plan with the Connective Communication© system, only going part way or holding off too long is problematic as well.

Like a ten foot barrier that requires a ten foot ladder, building anything less means not overcoming the barrier.

However, piecing together 'all main elements sufficiently' is better than crafting one element well: perfect ladder rungs but a very weak supporting structure can greatly diminish the other element's value.


Start Guaranteeing Success!

Niche Dental Co-Consultant 
Oli Gonsalves


Oli can answer many of your questions.
Then set up a meeting with me - depending on your needs/requests


Dick Chwalek

Dentist Marketing Coach, Dentistry Communication Consultant

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