Niche Dental Consulting Twitter Morning Meme-Ohs!

Are you on Twitter yet? 

Well, there are great reasons to join. While Niche Dental Morning Memo-ohs may not be one of those reasons in not so obvious ways, this dentist marketing coach, consultant implores you to implement it as your regular constitutional documentation, weekday morning exploratory coffee enigma.

The fun of it all is the first clue that must given you... ;-)

By following Niche Dental on Twitter, dental industry leaders, dentistry professionals and dentists may find out why Dental Marketing is fun. Then again, this assumption may have various flaws.

Fortunately or fortuitously in most cases, if/when humor does happen, Niche Dental Twitter followers are right there to take advantage of these purported, supposed, hypothetical smile producing statements. Of course, when required, these same Twitter joiners can take evasive action.

Twitter followers of Niche Dental will be presented morning 'quotes of the day' -- seen through the eyes of famous, intelligent, significant people who only exist in this dental consultant's frame of an early daydreaming mind.

Morning Meme-ohs are a feature developed to add up sum laughs in the morning, but mostly to mask humor in some thing possibly less than funny. Yet, tuning in to these tweets each morning can drastically change the way dentists and others see the world, hopefully in a positive way. 

Generally, however, the tweets are seen by too many -- to be mind contusing, an obtuse thing, time consuming, etc.

This flexible, yet intractable morning exercise is an irreparably reactive, ruminatively regressive, rectangular regurgitation stage for:

  • Explaining things few people have asked to be explained 
  • Questions most have refused to ask even when financially prodded
And for those who went forward,

  • Leaving them in a forlorn, tinhorn state of mind numbing irrelevant territory.

If you get this riffed at all, and then try to Twitter humor sift, the unpleasantries of words play and puns that prey may fatigue you or present indigesting quandaries. This display from a dental communication jockey for branding positioning and could be called a non-dental writhing release that create public relationships few have sought before, will want to after.

Finally, rather than tweeting tired old goats of yesterday...

Niche Dental's Twitter accounting software presents tried and rue, deep moats of short communication bursts, too often in discourse made gently flippant and language chopped and flayed.

Blog posted and written by,

Dick Chwalek

Dick is also a member of the Northern Dental Alliance.

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