Announcing Jet Pins Model System In the US: for Dental Laboratories

Improving the quality of restorations is a daily goal for every dental lab. Eliminating as many inaccuracies as possible is the main way for achieving higher levels of quality. Solve many more restoration inaccuracies with the Crocus Dental Technologies Langner Jet Pin System.

Jet Pin Model System Videos

The following videos demonstrate the value the Jet Pin model system offer your dental lab and your dentist clients. See how to give your laboratory model room a step up in consistency and quality.

One factor that greatly influences quality is the stability of the die in the working model. If the die doesn’t seat in the model in exactly the same position every time, inaccuracies can occur in the proximal contacts and even in the occlusion

The Jet Pin System was developed in Germany by Jan Langner. Introduced to the US market by Crocus Dental Technologies, the Langner Jet Pin system, is now available exclusively from Renstrom.

The most obvious characteristic of the system is its increased number of pins compared to traditional die pin systems. More pins mean more die stability and more stability means more accuracy!

Each die is now stabilized by four pins, one each on the lingual, buccal, mesial, and distal. The two additional interproximal pins ensure a secure fit and prevent any lateral movement of the die.
State of the art dental laser guided pin drilling system and computerized powder/water ratio control for die stone help.

Your dental lab team members in the model room can take full advantage of the accuracy of the Jet Pin system. The net result is that your lab can consistently give your dentist clients the accurate contacts and occlusion they require.

Is the quality of your ceramic and porcelain smile makeover restorations superior to all others?

With the Langner Jet Pinning system, your dental lab can improve the fabrication process while at the same time produce a better quality product,
This unique pinning system allows a technician to fabricate and fit crowns on a stable, more accurate die and model, ensuring consistent and predictable results.

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