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Consistent, connective dentistry communication can improve how consumers understand your brand. Whether it is a downturn or a boom, targeted visual, written, or verbal presentations of your value will raise the priority status for your services or products.

People sit on their hands in a tough economy until value has been redefined for them. They have become wary, which slows their reaction time to marketing messages. Refocus them on the complete dental health and confidence building value you offer.

As a dental coach and consultant for practices who focus on oral health and aesthetic smile makeovers, I avoid putting the emphasis on cost (even if some pricing element is somewhere in the design or message). This is because devaluing professional services leaves little room to promote the higher level elements, which are the life blood of many dental practices.

Using the right photo with a synergistic message can effectively refocus the consumer on value without creating conflicts with costs. Since most of us have a lot less money (on paper and otherwise) than we did 18 months ago, a lower price - especially with higher level treatments like dental implants - would make very little difference in most cases.

For restorative and cosmetic dentists in this environment, value trumps price.

Dick Chwalek
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