Time to End Dental Visit-Patient No Shows

In this economy, getting patients to show up for their appointments is vital for their dental health and your practice survival. Start communication with a connective strategy. From external marketing preparation to internal retention communication, dentists need to be persistent and consistent.

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Avoid Dental Visit Dead-Air... Cancels & No Shows!

Dental treatment cancellations and hygiene visit no-shows are frustrating for your team, for you, and for your future. No-shows take the air out of the day, leaving everyone in a funk. Cancellations are deflating for everyone involved, the entire dental team and patients. Patients miss out on the timely care they need and you lose the revenues that are impossible to make up.

What Causes Dental Visit "Dead-Air"?
In the radio business, which I worked in for seven years, this "open space" is called dead air. Listeners miss out on programming (music, news, etc.) tuning out if it goes on too long. Advertisers start to squirm, wondering if their big sale today is headed for disaster. They will forgive you if things start up again within a few seconds or minutes or the reasons are unavoidable. But if it goes on too long (no matter why) or happens too often for no good reason, future ad sales would suffer.

Is it the storm that is passing through or is the disc jockey stuck in the restroom? Like the radio station listener or advertiser, it is hard for you to understand why "dead air" is occurring. Is the dental patient missing because of a family event, car trouble or a business conflict?

This type of event might be harmless, short, and infrequent for some dental practices. But when "dead air" occurs in your practice more than once in a blue moon, your ability to build the type of practice you want can be put in jeopardy. Dental technology and facility updates are postponed. Continuing education might be put on hold. Dental team salaries are constrained. Your retirement fund is reduced...

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