Coaching Can Dramatically Change Your Dental Practice

Insurmountable problems overcome! Complex issues resolved! Extremely negative environments made efficient and productive! All you need to do is rub this lamp. No, drink this potion. Or was it wave this wand? 

Anyway... There are many things  promoted to dentists on websites that make it sound like solving your new patient, treatment acceptance, team or marketing issues is as easy as signing up for some "Super Secret" FREE Dental Marketing Report! 

When was the last time you got anything from anywhere that was free that solved more than a minor problem? (Except for the little blue pills the doc gave you last week because of your underperformance incident.) Of course, the other side of the coin is most dentists won't be able to make changes unless the solution has some "easy" elements. There just is not enough time in the day to add a complex process to the mix and see it through.

However, not attempting to solve your dental practice communication dilemmas, even if the solution is complicated to implement, is very risky in the current environment. Consumers need you to be up to par on your communication merely because of the viewpoint, fears and complexity surrounding dentistry. When consumers are holding back on their spending, it is even more crucial to circle the wagons around your dental practice communication strategies, and improve them in any and every way you can.

Luckily, my solution for dentists is fairly easy to implement as well as flexible and scalable. It can be summed up in just two words: communication coaching. Is it magic? Compared to the piles of elephant woo-woo the Internet is trying to sell dentists (for free - yah, whatever) the potential for 'magical' results is much more likely.

Communication is everything. Is it the magical elixir of business success? Dental coaching creates a structured environment to work through all the communication issues that keep you, your patients, team and community from getting effectively 'involved' in your brand. 

I call it developing a connective communication strategy. Imagine being able to solve even the most complex problems by just asking questions. Is this really possible? 

Well, I know of a guy who solved every engineering problem he was asked to solve: and these were some of the most complex problems in the automotive industry during the 1960s. In one case he was able to 'save' Willy's Jeep from disappearing from the automotive American lexicon.

Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration, but rather than being the super engineer who could do everything, he knew the answers were in the people who worked there. He 'connected' the dots of the problem by empowering those who had the answers to develop them into a solution. 

This engineer worked with car industry giants. Yet he always knew these 'giants' had only a few of the answers, and got even less done if the rest of us were not brought into process. The coaching I offer brings you into the process because without you strategically involved in connecting the dots, your dental practice cannot achieve all its goals. 

This is about more than dental marketing. It connects everything together, in the manner, at the pace, and with the budget that best fits your dental practice situation. This is not a 'system' - or even a technology - it is communication that incorporates on the ground reality with how people perceive it, to deconstruct the environment, optimize the strengths of the team, dentist, the practice brand, and achieve success internally (patient/team) and externally (dental advertising).

Before you call me, listen to this engineer explain how he solved the Willy's Jeep dilemma (links below). Before he 'drove' with giants in the automotive industry he 'flew' with one from the land of 'make believe' just after WWII. That's him pictured next to Tyrone Power's plane - he also painted the flags on it. Read his note on the back of the photo, click here. Also click to see Ty next to the same plane.

Coincidently, the engineer's name is also Richard (Dick) Chwalek. 

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