March Seminars for Dentists

Need answers? Staying viable and healthy during a crazy economy. Solving every day business challenges. Achieving Legal Wellness. Better Dental Team Communication. Attracting New Patients. Employment Issues.
Get the right answers from Northern Dental Alliance members. The only obligation, reserve your spot--limited seating!
This hybrid, dual topic seminar on March 13, 2009 will present successful strategies for dentists and dental practices to develop and protect their personal and business investment.
Pertinent and specific information to build your success repertoire. Plus a box lunch for your convenience and nourishment.
Seminars Presented by Northern Dental Alliance

11:45AM Presentation 

  • Presenter: Dick Chwalek - Niche Dental

  • Topic: Communication is Everything • Preparing Patients for Out-Of-Pocket Value

  • Summary: See Below

1:00PM Presentation 

> Presentation Summaries 

Communication is Everything: Preparing Patients for Out-Of Pocket Value

Dick's talk will focus on building value in your services and expertise. His approach is based on preparing the consumer to choose a higher level of value by creating a connective communication structure.  The consumer is too often behind the curve on what is available and why paying much more can be worth it. Rather than letting insurance be their guide and making sticker shock your sidekick, position your recommendations to be the undeniable and unavoidable solution. Make the macro-economy irrelevant; standout so those who will pay for value know you are there!
Key Communication Concepts Covered
  • Communication is Health, Expertise and Revenue

  • Building New Communication Routes

  • Prepare Consumers, Your Patients

  • Creating A Framework

  • Avoiding Generic

  • Being Specific  

Legal Wellness in Dentistry • The Value of Prevention

Michael will discuss in his session the assessment of a dental practice’s “legal wellness,” with a special emphasis on insurance audits, recordkeeping, and the importance of employment agreements.
The session uses and refers to a legal wellness” checklist, which can also be a resource for dentists to discuss, and potentially prioritize issues, with their legal counsel.

Remember to RSVP • Lunch is provided

Event Hosted by Rick Epple, Epple Financial Advisors

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